Make any USB Mic Sound Good in OBS

Gotta hear yourself First

Step 1: Monitor your voice. In your Audio mixer settings at the bottom of OBS, find your microphone and click the cog wheel ⚙️icon underneath it>Advanced Audio Properties.

Step 2: Find your microphone in the list of devices, and make sure “Monitor and Output” is selected for your microphone. You should now be able to hear yourself in your headphones.

Gotta Download a free plugin Next

Step 3: Download REAplugs VST from the link below. Don’t worry, it’s safe and free. Run the installer.

Step 4: Start up OBS and right click your microphone source in OBS>Filters

Then you gotta add your five filters

Step 5: Click the plus sign in the bottom left hand corner and add Gain as a filter

Step 6: Add VST 2.X Plug-in as a filter, and on the right side drop-down menu, where it says “please select a plug-in”, select REAEQ-STANDALONE as your option, right click the filter in the left hand menu and rename it to “REAEQ-STANDALONE” for convenience later

Step 7: Using the same path as Step 4, set REACOMP-STANDALONE as your next VST filter, and rename it appropriately

Step 8: Using the same path as Step 4, set REAGATE-STANDALONE as your next VST filter, and rename it appropriately

Step 9: Add Noise Suppression as a filter (not a VST plug-in)

Audio Filters Should look like this from Top To Bottom

Noise Suppression

Then you gotta adjust the filters from the top down

The VST filters you added can be adjusted using the “Open Plug-in Interface” button on the right side for each VST filter.

A short explanation of what each filter does:

Noise Suppression – Attempts to eliminate repetitive room noises like fans, humming, and background hiss. We do this before the gate.

REAGATE-STANDALONE – Better than OBS’s noise gate by far. A gate means your microphone will only allow sound through when it’s louder than the level you set. Anything quieter than the level you set will not open the gate. The slider all the way on the left is what sets this “threshold” and that’s pretty much the only setting you should touch.

REACOMP-STANDALONE – Compressors decrease your volume when it goes above a certain threshold, and increases your volume when it’s beneath a certain threshold. Set your RATIO box to 4, and then start playing with your Threshold slider on the left side like in the last step.

REAEQ-STANDALONE – This is your bread and butter. To play with this, start dragging the white dots around the menu and see how it sounds to you. I tend to drag mine DOWNWARD below the line to create what’s called a “reductive” EQ. In simple terms, reducing treble would produce a similar sound as increasing bass, without also increasing other noises. Bam. Magic.

Gain – When we do a reductive EQ, it tends to make things quieter. Gain is where you add volume back until it’s as loud as you need it to be.

That’s it!

Go in peace with your newly found knowledge and have fun. Bookmark this and send it to your friends. They no longer have any excuse for fan noises, keyboard chatter, mouse clicks, or sub-par audio.

FREE. EASY. TAKES 5 MINUTES. And it will be effective for YEARS.

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